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Cambridge’s metal mesh GRIPPER® Slings offer many advantages over other types of slings, especially if the load being handled is abrasive or sharp-edged, unstable, hot or corrosive, or needs delicate handling to reduce load damage.
But perhaps a GRIPPER Sling’s most important quality is its durability. The steel fabric used in our GRIPPER Sling is of low carbon content. The low carbon content prevents the wire from becoming hard and brittle during welding of the spiral to the cross rod. This fabric offers excellent resistance to abrasive loads and as a result offers unsurpassed longevity.


Applications of Lifting Slings are truly unlimited. Lifts can be large or small; heavy or light; bulky or fragile, it doesn’t matter. Our synthetic slings can lift items that require careful handling such as expensive machinery, highly finished parts, and fragile loads. Our Wire Mesh, Rope and Chain can handle pipe, steel, wood or any item that is not finished.

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