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Wireway Husky

Wireway/Husky Corp., one of the largest producers of material handling and wire decking products in the country, is based in Denver, N.C. Its products include pallet racks, security wire partitions, wire decking, cable reel racks and pallet rack guarding systems. Family owned and operated since 1964, Wireway/Husky has continued to prosper through product development, quality control and most importantly customer satisfaction. Through a vast network of hundreds of distributors, Wireway/Husky services the Material Handling industry nationwide with pallet rack, folding gates, wire partitions and accessories.

The story of Wireway/Huskys rise to success can be traced to its original production facility in Sterling, Mass. Here the company became synonymous with quality by first manufacturing security wire partitions and folding gates. The woven wire design set the standard in the industry and provided the means for the company to grow. Continued growth into the 80s sparked interest in expanding production capabilities and led to the development of Wireway South. Conveniently located in the rapidly growing commercial hub of Charlotte N.C., the companys new facility provided customers with an expanded shipping program. Combined with the companys 48 quick-ship program, which remains the only one of its kind in the industry today, Wireway was once again moving up the industry ladder

Wire Crafters

Wire Fencing by Wire Crafters is used to secure tool cribs, store rooms,
as machinery guards, Drug enforcement secured areas, and separation partitions. Used by industrial, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing concerns, aerospace for secure storage of controlled access.

WireCrafters has long been known for quality wire partitions all welded for strong, sturdy construction. In business for over 25 years, WireCrafters has distinguished its product as a leader in the field. All wire fencing is simple in construction, easy to install, aesthetically appealing, adaptable to a variety of applications including drug enforcement cages, machinery guards and rack backing.

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